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Kool Kids Paint

Russell strives to provide children of all ages the opportunity to explore the creative world of arts and all that it entails for little to no cost from their pockets. For this reason, he founded the Kool Kids Paint initiative; in his vision to provide access to younger people who may not have the financial ability to be a part of such opportunities. 


Kool Kids Paint is similarly outlined to the mature version of “Sip & Paint” but instead of sipping an adult beverage, Russell and his youthful participates will be sipping all of the best flavors of Kool-Aid in style with their colorful custom T-shirts designed by Russell.


This notable program will not only provide a wonderful teaching experience for all the kids who participate but encourage them to express themselves in the most imaginative ways. Russell strongly believes that the world is filled with so many talented young people who lack the chance to evolve into something greater than them. Even more, it is his utmost aspiration to become known as a person who made encouraging opportunities possible in areas others may have overlooked and it all starts with the young people – they are our future. 


In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Kool Kids Paint is temporarily postponed until Spring 2022. We will update this page with more information as announcements are made, 

For more information, contact:

with Russell L. Scott
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