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Painting for me was something I have always done in solitude spreading my emotions onto a canvas. Trying to release my fears of failure, the pain of falling in love with potential, and the pains of our society. And just as I release an emotion, another arises if not my own, the empathy of another. We exist in a world in which we are becoming desensitized to tragedies that consistently take place. We are at war, not only with one another, but also with ourselves, in our hearts, our communities, and our culture.


The thing about being an artist is that you never become desensitized, you often feel too much and express too little. I’ve never been one to effortlessly pour out anything that weighs on my heart. At times that weight becomes almost too heavy to bare. I've found my outlet in creating art, and lately, I’ve come to realize that maybe we all need to see and share more beautiful moments. 


We are living amidst global heartache and constant headlines that highlight the cruelty of this world. If I can capture you a moment with stunning abstract visuals of color, I promise you an evening of pure bliss. I see colors and prisms of emotion. Blending a variety of hues evokes feelings of warmth and comfort to create a masterpiece. 

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