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Modest Art is expanding its portfolio with a series of art exhibitions, charities, and community engagement activities throughout 2022.

Join us! Detailed information is below.

Los Angeles | Solo Exhibition 

October 2, 2021

Miami | Art Basel  

December 1-5, 2021

November 30 - December 4, 2022

Kool Kids Paint

Coming Spring 2023


The Artist

Russell is an Artist and a Dancer who uses his artistic abilities through music and pure feeling; to exude energy and joy as he creates his conceptual works of art with acrylic on canvas. His passion for the arts started in his early childhood and continues to be a daily component in his life today. His unique use of colors and abstract ideas provoke an impressive crossover of art and dance.


As a self-taught urban contemporary artist, Russell has developed his own identity far from the traditional methods of many trained artists today. Russell did not take what would seem to be the traditional path of exploring his artistic side – graduating from university with a BA in Sociology & Education, following a master’s program in Arts Administration & Dance Performance – followed by attending The Alvin Ailey School of dance to further his dance aspirations, Russell did not begin painting until 2012 gifting paintings for family and close friends.


Creating beautiful pieces of art that resonate with a wide range of audiences is no simple task, but Russell delivers every time. He has always had a desire to give back and use his success to make a difference. For this reason, the artist founded the Creative Genius Academy in 2015, which is a mobile arts program focusing particularly on the performing and visual arts in disadvantaged areas for young people.


Russell says “With my determination and passion I know I can inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams in the world of fine arts. I believe this world is filled with so many talented people who lack the chance to evolve into something greater than them. Even more, it is my utmost aspiration to become known as a person who made opportunities possible in areas others may have overlooked. Growing up in a small town, there was not an opportunity for me to attend any arts program. In the end, I know my drive; creativity, and joyful spirit will allow me to make this difference for others”.

The Artist.
The Artist
Modest Art 88, Russell Scott, Lenl Russell
Russell Scott, Modest Art 88
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